Best Matcha Smoothie

This is the best matcha smoothie for any matcha green tea lover. We try to have a cup of wonderful Japanese green tea every day because it is packed with health benefits..  After some trial and error the White Rabbit Tea Shop has finally found what is one of the very best (if not the absolute best) matcha smoothie recipe – ever. It only takes a few minutes to whip up.   We want to share it with you.

Best Matcha Smoothie



best matcha smoothie

The best matcha smoothie – ever!



What You Need


1 tsp. good stone ground matcha powder

1/2 cup frozen mangoes or frozen peaches (your  choice!)

1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1 large spoonful plain yogurt

1 cup almond milk


best matcha smoothie ingredients

Ingredients for the best matchaq smoothie


These plus yogurt and almond milk




Place the almond milk in the blender.

Add the other ingredients.

Blend at medium for 30 seconds. It will be green and frothy.

Pour into a glass and enjoy!



Blend everything together


We don’t always use frozen mango in this best matcha smoothie. Sometimes we replace the mango with frozen peaches, which is yummy. We have also added strawberries to the mix.  The rest of the recipe is usually unchanged.


Have fun making and drinking this recipe.  If you do, let the White Rabbit  know what you think. Also, do tell us about any substitutions you make and how they turn out. I hope you will agree that it truly is the best matcha smoothie!