Earl Grey Iced Tea

Earl Grey Iced Tea

Earl Grey iced tea is a perfect beverage for hot weather. This recipe makes eight cups, which can be kept refrigerated for several days. There is nothing quite like it to quench the thirst.

earl grey iced tea


Some people have an ritual of preparing iced tea in the evening, refrigerating it and then drinking it throughout the following day.  This is well worth the few minutes that it takes.

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It is easy to make Earl Grey iced tea.  The first thing to do is fill a pot with 8 cups of cold water, then boil it on the stove.  As soon as the water comes to a rolling boil, turn it off and move the pan from the burner. Then place  6 Earl Grey tea bags in the hot water and place the lid on the pot. For strong Earl Grey iced tea you can leave it like that for about 30 minutes. Give it less time for weaker tea. You then remove the tea bags and add 2 whole sliced lemons and sweetener to taste.

Sweetener is not essential. It all depends on whether you like your tea sweet or natural.  With the lemons, however, most people prefer a little sweetener. If you choose to have it sweet, you can use anything such as honey, agave, stevia, or good old fashioned sugar. Always sweeten to taste.

To figure out how sweet to make it, stir the lemons and the sweetener around, occasionally tasting it until you get the level of sweetness that you want.

Do not use fake lemon juice. It is nothing like real lemons. Also, the real lemons are good for you.

Then you simply pour the tea into a container and leave it until it has reached room temperature. Once that happens, place it in the refrigerator. By morning it will be nice and cold. You can keep it for a few days if it is refrigerated although it probably won’t last that long.

This kind of iced tea is best served in a glass over ice cubes.  It is wonderful to have when guests come over because it is so refreshing and cold. You can sip on this all day long.