Types of Tea


There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, types of tea. Here is a list of some of the most famous. The list will be added to, a few types at a time, so keep checking back!


Types of Tea

Anhui: Tea from one of China’s most famous tea producing regions.
Assam: Tea grown in Assam, India. These teas are usually black and are famous for their deep red infusions.
Autumnal: Refers to tea that is produced in the autumn, or late in the growing season.
Bergamot: A fragrant, flavorful essential oil from the bergamot orange plant. It is used to make the black tea base used to produce Earl Grey tea.
Black: The most popular tea in the world. It is made from oxidized, or fermented green tea leaves.
Blended: A mixture of teas.
Brick tea: Steamed tea leaves that have been formed into bricks.  The bricks are then sliced, then boiled with salt and butter to make a soup.
Ceylon: Any tea produced in Sri Lanka
Chai: This is masala chai, or spiced tea, commonly served in India. It is made of strong black tea made in hot milk and spices.
Chunmee: This is a type of Chinese tea. Each leaf has a curly shape.
Congou: Produced from gongfu, this is a Chinese black tea.
Darjeeling: Tea that comes from the Darjeeling region, near the Himalayas, in India.
Earl Grey: Black tea that is flavored with oil of bergamot.
Formosa: Usually oolong tea, these are produced in Taiwan.
Genmaicha: Roasted rice with a green tea.
Green Tea: Dried tea that is not fermented. It is most commonly produced in China and Japan.
Gunpowder: Green tea that has been shaped into pellets that straighten out and  unfurl when brewed.
Gyokuro Tea: Japanese green tea produced from shaded plants.
Jasmine: Black Chinese tea that has been scented with jasmine flowers. The base is most often made with green Pouchong tea.
Keemun:Kombucha One of the types of tea that is hand rolled black tea from central China.Fermented tea with significant health benefits.
Lapsang Souchong:Matcha Tea Black Chinese tea that has been dried over a smoky pine wood fire. This gives it a distinctive smoky flavor.

A Japanese green tea that is made by grinding the entire tea leaf. The whole leaf is mixed into water and then consumed in entirety.

Oolong: A lightly fermented tea, somewhere between green and black.
Tisane: Any tea produced from the leaves of plants other than the tea plant. This includes all herbal and medicinal teas.
White: This is a special kind of green tea, characterized by a lighter green color when brewed.
Yerba Mate  This herbal tea is produced  from dried leaves of the yerba mate plant. It is indigenous to South and Central America. This herbal tisane is known for its many health benefits.