Yerba Mate Benefits


Yerba Mate Benefits

Yerba mate benefits: This particular tea, sometimes known just as mate, is loaded with health benefits. It also tastes delicious.


This yerba mate has been blended with chocolate.

Origins of Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate originated in South and Central America, where indigenous people cultivated and drank it for centuries. To them it was traditionally  used as medicine as well as for its high levels of caffeine.   The tea is made from leaves of the yerba mate plant, which are dried and then infused in boiling water. Yerba Mate is still immensely popular in South America, where many people continue to enjoy it every day, often blended with juice or infused with citrus or mint.

Yerba Mate Benefits

  1. Drinking yerba mate benefits the skin. Its many antioxidants  assist in the repair of skin damage that is caused by free radicals.
  2. It assists with appetite control.
  3. Yerba Mate provides a gentle energy lift. It does not rattle the nerves like the caffeine in coffee. Also, it does not normally prevent sleep.
  4. Some people say that it helps with chronic fatigue syndrome.
  5. Yerba Mate is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, zinc and manganese.
  6. Yerba mate tea benefits the skin. It makes excellent skin care products.

 Yerba Mate Recipe

Three Minute Yerba Mate Iced Tea

This is a cold brewed tea that takes three minutes to make. Once done, you place it in the refrigerator overnight.  The next day you will have a refreshing iced yerba mate tea.

yerba mate benefits
Making Yerba Mate cold brewed tea


32 ounces of cold water

5 tbsp loose leaf yerba mate or 6 -8 teabags

1/2 cup – 1 cup fruit juice of your choice


  1. Place all ingredients in a container with a lid.
  2. Place the yerba mate mixture in the refrigerator and leave it overnight.

The next day remove the tea bags or strain the tea.

That’s all there is to it! The tea will keep in the fridge for several days.

Further Reading

To learn more about yerba mate tea benefits,  Aviva Yerba Mate is a website entirely devoted to the subject. They can probably tell you anything you want to know about yerba mate tea.