Blue & White China

Blue and white china adds a special look to any tea table. The blue and white patterns can always be mixed together and their timeless, classic beauty will never fall out of style. They provide a warm, homey feeling, similar to the experience of being in an old English cottage.

blue and white china

Adams Chinese Bird China Pattern

blue & white china

Mixed blue and white china always looks great

Probably the best known and most popular blue and white china pattern is Old Blue Willow. this much-loved pattern actually tells an ancient Chinese folk tale.  The story is interesting and can be ‘read” by looking at the picture on the old blue willow dishes. You can learn the story here. This beautiful pattern has been used since the seventeenth century and it will always look gorgeous. Like almost all  blue and white china, it is completely versatile and  can be used for casual eating as well as formal dining.

Another wonderful blue and white china pattern is called Blue Calico by Staffordshire in England. This pattern was designed by copying a chinz tablecloth onto earthenware. The result is a remarkable blue and white china pattern that has not lost its popularity in the 50 years since it was first created.

blue and white china

Staffordshire Blue Calico jug

There are many beautiful blue and white china pieces from Japan that would add panache to a collection. Japan has been creating this type of china for centuries and they add dimension and depth to any eclectic blue and white collection. Japanese ware can also be surprisingly inexpensive.


blue and white china

Typical blue and white Japanese dishes


One good idea is to gradually acquire these dishes one piece at a time. You can easily pick up random pieces at thrift stores and garage sales. Don’t worry about making the patterns match. all that counts is that the colors be right. Cobalt blue, also known as Delft blue, and white. as long as you select blue and white china, your collection will be perfect.