A Tea Party Menu Everyone Will Remember

 A Truly Memorable Tea Party Menu

The food you serve at your tea party is possibly the most important aspect of the event. Here are six tips that will help you to throw a tea party that guests will love.


A  Tea Party Menu Everyone Will Remember

a tea party menu everyone will remember

Six Easy Tips for a Tea Party Menu Everyone will Remember:

  1. The food you offer your guests should be attractive. In fact, it ought to be beautiful.
  1. Presentation is also important, so use the prettiest plates you can find. You might also think about using edible flowers such as pansies, nasturtiums or roses on the plates as decoration. You can find a good article about how to safely choose edible flowers here.
  1. There should be a variety of different foods, some savory and some sweet. Raw fruits and vegetables are also appropriate. Depending upon your guests, vegan or vegetarian options should also be a consideration.
  1. Never serve messy food at a tea party. Everything should be small and easy to eat. Scones, sandwiches, cookies and tarts make good choices as no forks are required. The general rule to follow is that tea party food should be eaten in two to four bites.
  1. Keep in mind that your guests will appreciate healthy choices. They don’t want to be overloaded with fat and sugar. For example, you can use appealing multigrain or artisan breads for your sandwiches. and you can provide vegetable slices and fresh fruit. Glazes rather than frosting on cakes is also appreciated by many guests.These will provide a balance to the pastries and other high calorie foods that cannot be avoided.
  1. Provide a fairly wide variety of foods. No particular food should dominate the table. Instead, give plenty of equally beautiful choices.

If you follow these simple guidelines you will have a tea party menu that everyone will remember.. The delicacies you offer will be unforgettable. Moreover, your guests will have a healthy experience. They will have positive memories because the food was beautiful, there were plenty of choices, and it was well balanced.