Afternoon Tea Party Hats

You are invited to a tea party and you want to wear a hat. Here is everything you need to know About afternoon tea party hats.

In today’s world hats are not required for afternoon tea. However, because they are an important part of traditional afternoon attire and they can be a lot of fun to wear, many women will choose to wear a hat.

afternoon tea party hats

A hat can be a perfect finishing touch.

Types of Afternoon Tea Party Hats

Women’s hats that are appropriate for afternoon tea tend to fall into several categories. These are:

  1. The cloche
afternoon tea party hats

The classic cloche

The cloche has a bell shape and a brim that extends close to the eyebrows and eyes. This kind of hat is attractive on most women. The cloche became fashionable during the 1920’s, fell out of fashion in the 1930’s but was revived in the 1960’s. It continues to be a popular style today. It was originally made of felt or wool, but can now be found in straw as well as other materials. Many cloches are unadorned so not to distract from their beautiful shape. However, many others are decorated and these can be very elegant. Wool cloches make a perfect tea party hat while ones made of straw are excellent for summer teas and garden parties.

  1. The wide brimmed Hat
afternoon tea party hats

A wide brimmed hat frames the face.

This is a classic hat suitable for an afternoon  tea party. It also is attractive on most women because it frames the face. Wide brimmed hats can be made of straw for summer or felt or wool for winter. The brims are often decorated, especially with flowers, bows and lace.

  1. The Fascinator
afternoon tea party hats

The fascinator is lighthearted and fun to wear.

Another great afternoon tea party hat is the fascinator, made popular by the Duchess of Cambridge at her wedding with Prince William. While she did not invent the fascinator, she certainly brought it back into style. This is a small hat that is attached to the head by a headband, comb or barette. A fascinator is usually highly decorated with items such as flowers, netting, lace, beads, feathers and beads. Fascinators are usually comfortable to wear, making them an excellent choice for an afternoon tea party hat. They are also appropriate for girls as well as women of all ages.

  1. Pillbox Hat
Afternoon tea party hats

The pillbox hat was made famous by Jackie Kennedy

This particular hat is small and round with straight sides that are upright. The pillbox hat has a flat top and there is never a brim. In the 1960’s, it was made famous by Jackie Kennedy, who  often wore one with a matching skirt suit. Pillbox hats are made from many different materials, including fur, leather, felt, straw velvet and lace.

Where to Find Afternoon Tea Party Hats

You will find tea party hats in many places. For example:

  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Clothing boutiques
  • Millinery websites
  • Some department stores
  • Consignment and thrift stores
  • Internet sites. A good one for afternoon tea party hats is Garden Party Teas.

An afternoon tea party should be about having a relaxed and wonderful time. If wearing a hat is fun for you, by all means find one. They can be the exact touch you need in order to feel fabulous. On the other hand, if wearing a hat is not really for you, there should be no pressure to conform. The main thing is that you should do what makes you comfortable.